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The Munro School of Irish Dancing is the perfect place to learn the graceful art of modern Irish Step Dancing!
Our dance school offers a free trial dance class to those that are new to Irish Step Dancing, so you can see if it’s the right fit for you and your dancer. Students will be introduced to the basics of this traditional dance style with our experienced dance teachers and get a feel for the rhythm and moves.
Come and join us for a free trial to see if Irish step dancing is the right fit for you!


What will students learn?

Students will be introduced to the basics of modern Irish Step Dancing through a variety of fun exercises and choreography to the tunes of traditional Irish jigs and reels.  


What do students need?

For trial lessons there is no requirement to have appropriate dance shoes, and we do not require you to buy expensive or specific dance wear.

Students should wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in such as shorts and t-shirts, long hair should be tied back. 

No need to have correct Irish "Soft Shoes" aka "Ghillies" any soft shoe (ballet or jazz) or bare feet are fine!

As we dance non-stop the entire class, please also bring along a water bottle with you.

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