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Tiny dancer just won the 2020 State Irish Dancing Championships!

Dubbed Mackay's "Tiny Dancer", Anastasia is our youngest ever student to secure a state championship title adding to our growing list of champion dancers.

We here at the Munro School of Irish Dancing are so proud of our "Tiny Dancer" and all her diligent work and commitment for someone so young. Such an exceptionally well-deserved win and we can't wait to see what our "Tiny Dancer" will do next!

Congratulations to our Queensland State Champion!

Anastasia, 2020 Queensland State Champion
Anastasia, 2020 Queensland State Champion

Thanks a million 7NEWS and the Courier Mail for taking the time to interview Anastasia and share this exciting news!

Mackay eight-year-old wins top prize at Queensland Irish dancing comp

An eight-year-old girl has put in some fancy footwork to take the top prize at a Queensland Irish dancing competition. Dubbed Mackay's 'tiny dancer', she was up against some of the nation's best for the title of State Champion.

Tiny dancer wins state Irish Dancing championships At just eight years old, the Mackay dancer is the first in nine years to secure the title for North Queensland


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